Groove Marketing Website

Groove is a Sales Engagement platform that helps managers, reps, and sales operations sell smarter and increase revenue by as much as 25%. Groove powers 40,000+ sales reps from leading companies like Google, Elastic, Prezi, Slack, HotSchedules, and many more.

The Challenge

The product website for Groove was out of date, missing proper conversion tracking for Google AdWords and FB Ads, and confusing for those visiting the website.As a result, the marketing team and business had the following problems:- No way of knowing which ads were driving new leads- A low number of website visits and inbound leads  

The Solution

In order to increase the number of inbound leads and make it possible for the marketing team to know which ads were driving those leads, I created a completely new version of their product website.In order to ensure the best possible SEO for the website, it was written as a static website using a framework called Middleman.

Some of the other technologies that were used for this project are:

- Ruby


- Javascript


- AWS S3 for hosting

- Travis (used for building and deployment to S3)

- Git

- Google Tag Manager (for ad conversion tracking)

- Clearbit Reveal (used to identify which companies are visiting the website)

- Intercom (for live chat, support, product tours, and help documentation)

End Result

After the launch of the new website, Groove was able to increase the number of website visits by 200% and double their number of inbound leads!